Team History

MineKee (pronounced mine – key) started as an FLL, VEX, and dragon boat racing team. Our VEX, FLL Junior, and FLL teams started in 2017. Our VEX team won two STEM research awards. Our dragon boat racing team formed 2018 and became district champions in the GWN Sports Regatta Community Open Event. This year, 2019, our WRO team was founded. It competed and won 3rd in provincials and is preparing to go to the nationals. The FRC aspect was formed by parents who wanted to give their kids a shot at STEM and hands-on learning (not to mention something awesome to put on their resumes) in late 2018. We are a relatively new team, having had our first event at Ryerson 2019, at which we were regional champions. We then went to the York Regional Event and later to Ontario’s provincials.

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