About Us

The 7520 FRC Team MineKee was founded by Jin Lin at the end of the year 2018. We are a community team located in North York composed of devoted students and dedicated mentors from all over GTA.  By promoting people to always be imaginative and inventive, to always be active and healthy, and to always be kind and understanding, we are able to pursue our three important axioms: Science, Sports, and Social. Every single week during the year, we gather together to express our passion and share our knowledge of robotics. As a rookie FRC team, despite having many hardships such as lack of experience and funds, we improved tremendously since we first started.  For 7520 MineKee’s first-ever event, together with our alliances who selflessly helped our rookie team, 7520 miraculously but undoubtedly won the event and became the Event Champion.