About Us

FRC Team MineKee (7520) was founded by Jin Lin at the end of the year 2018. We are a community team located in North York composed of devoted students and dedicated mentors from all over GTA and even some FRC veterans who bring their experience to our team this year.  By promoting people to always be imaginative and inventive, to always be active and healthy, and to always be kind and understanding, we are able to pursue our three core values: Science, Sports, and Social. To put simply, those are three of the most important categories that we seek to better ourselves and each other in.

“Science” isn’t really limited to science but extends to cover all aspects of the acronym STEAM (at some point in time, we realized as a society that we needed to add “Art” to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, thus STEAM).

“Sports” refers mainly to both actual, physical sports and sportsmanship, a trait we value in the FRC. In fact, the organization FIRST encourages gracious professionalism, so we don’t rub victories in the faces of others or tie nooses out of failures. I would quote Captain Picard here if copyright infringement wasn’t an issue.

Our “Social” axiom refers to social skills including communication skills, acceptance and even celebration of our differences rather than judgment by them, and teamwork. These skills are relevant for life in general and come useful when creating business plans, organizing and participating in community involvement, and taking on public relations roles within the team.

At 7520, we encourage everyone to learn something new and test their limits within the bounds of safety, though, in the heat of the build season, students will often specialize in a certain aspect (or a combination of aspects) of the team’s efforts including building the robot’s frame and appendages, assembling and maintaining the robot’s powerful but sometimes delicate electronics, coding the bot to actually do things such as drive even without input or respond to joysticks, writing up and presenting the business plan to FIRST officials and potential sponsors, creating CAD drawings of robot components or even designing a robot from the drawing board. When the competitions begin, you may get to drive the robot or control its features (oftentimes, a team needs to use a Pacific Rim-style control setup to be able to manage all of a robot’s features; a two-pilot system where you don’t need to enter each other’s minds but you sure have to cooperate and communicate).

You are more or less guaranteed to find something you like in the FRC, and even if you don’t, being a spectator can be quite fun. Ring (or text?) your school or local community FRC team if you’re interested – many people consider the competition “the hardest fun you’ll ever have”. That’s straight from the website, by the way.

Every single week during the year, we gather together to express (and apply) our passion and share our knowledge of robotics. As a relatively new FRC team, despite facing many hardships such as lack of experience and funds, we improved tremendously since we first started.

During 7520 MineKeeā€™s first-ever event (During the 2019 season – Destination: Deep Space), with the assistance of our alliance mates who selflessly helped our rookie team, our alliance mates and we came first at the event and became the Event Champions.

If we detailed every event the team has and will ever go through, it will take a lot more than this one page. For specific events, please refer to the posts that come out during the main seasons or search by the tags #year or #gamename (e.g #2265 or #destination-deep-space).